Stories used to be told around a campfire. Today that fire has been replaced by the digital device in everyone's hand. The only question that remains is... What kind of a storyteller are you?

Story Bootcamp is a hands on workshop that will teach you how to use video to tell great stories for your company. You will experience world class instruction, insights from established entertainment professionals and you will gain the skills required to create better videos that will make your audience feel something. You will learn how to find good filmmakers, how to communicate a clear vision and how to motivate your team to deliver. In the process, you will experience Los Angeles as the film making capital of the world and you will leave with the skill and motivation to be a proficient storyteller with video. 

Instructor Bio - Adrian Roup:
Adrian is an award winning short filmmaker and writer. He has worked with internationally recognized actors (Andy Garcia, Ralph Fiennes, Donald Sutherland, Tom Hollander, Lara Flynn Boyle, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme) and corporations (Intel, XPRIZE, TEDx, UCLA Extension). He has a successful track record as a Director, Camera Operator, Editor, and Producer of videos in South Africa, Europe and the United States and he specializes in delivering a high caliber of work within a variety of budgets. His career started on commercial productions for brands such as Porsche and Jacobs Coffee. He has a business education and has worked with large corporate marketing teams. This combined skill set has equipped him to offer a unique range of services and instruction to corporate clients with his production company in Los Angeles. 

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